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Bob Carew Memorial


May 15, 2008

Dear Friends, Family, Colleagues, and Clients:

Note the date above.  This is my Fatherís birthday.  He was born in 1914.

He passed away last Fatherís Day, after 93 exhilarating years of life.  I think of him every day, especially on Sunday, when there is golf on TV, and at the completion of every round of golf I play. 

On Friday, June 13th, two days before Fatherís Day, we will gather at Settlerís Hill Golf Club in Batavia, for the playing of the Bob Carew Memorial.  Whether you knew him well, just a little, or not at all, you are invited to an afternoon of bad golf and hearty laughter!

Our theme will be Family, and our format will be two-person Scramble.  Scramble outings are meant for fun, and for all skill levels.  Our teams will consist of Fathers and Sons, but we will have plenty of room for Fathers and Daughters, Moms and Sons, Uncles and Nephews; you get the picture. 

I got this crazy idea as I looked back on my life playing golf.  One reminisces when he no longer plays well!  I can remember breaking 100, then 90, then 80, and then 70 (once, an out-of-body experience!)  I have two holes-in-one, one with Dad as my witness.  Iíve played on great courses and met wonderful people.  But no day was greater than when I golfed for the first time with my Father and my Son, and Brian beat Dad on the 8th hole.  The needling and taunting were classic, and all I could do was stand back and repeat Lou Gehrigís sentiment about ďbeing the luckiest man on the face of the earth.Ē

So, itís time to honor a gentleman and celebrate the game he gave to his family and friends.  Itís also an opportunity for you to celebrate Fatherís Day by actually spending time together!  Does anyone really think Dad wants another tie?

A note about this competition and your golfing prowess.  If there is any hesitation to join us because you are not skilled, donít give it another thought.  Scrambles are a great way to enjoy golfing, because the only score we keep is for the Team, not the individual .(click Tips for Playing in a Scramble.doc)   And, as all golfers know, the Good Lord grants at least one great shot per game, just to keep us coming back for more!  We will have as many awards for bad golf as good, so why not just enjoy the day, meet some new friends, and create a memory you can laugh about for years to come?  Bob Carew would really like thatÖ

Take a look at the enclosed details and application (BC_application.doc), and return it by Monday, June 2nd.  If you have questions, I welcome your call at (630) 529-1300 or e-mail to  You can also visit my website,, if you need more information on how to play a Scramble.

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter.  I hope you can join us on June 13th, even if only to join our toast in the clubhouse afterwards.  And let me be the first to wish all you Dads a Happy Fatherís Day!


Steve Carew


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